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2020-2021 Academic Year Summer School

Registration Period: 01 – 02 July 2021

Beginning of Classes: July 05, 2021

End of Lessons: August 27, 2021

Last Day of Summer School Grade Entries: September 01, 2021

For Courses to be Offered in Summer School Click here.

¬ 2020-2021 Academic Year Summer School classes will be held online.

¬ Summer school registration will be done through the Student Information System, and financial registration must be completed in order to complete the final registration for the courses.

¬ A 05-week training program will be implemented between 27 July – 2021 August 7 in the summer school.

¬ It will not be allowed to take courses from another university for the course / courses opened in our university.

¬ The total of the courses to be taken by students in a summer term cannot exceed 9 credits.

¬ The fee for a course will be 750 TL (VAT Included) per credit.

¬ If the registered course(s) are not opened in the summer school, the tuition fee paid by the student is refunded.

¬ In order for the students of other higher education institutions to take courses in the summer education at the university, they must have received an approved permission letter from the relevant unit of the university they are enrolled in and upload this document to the system during the application.