Starting from the preconceptional period, midwifery, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period, providing monitoring, care, counseling and training in order to improve, protect, maintain and treat the health of mothers and babies, conducting normal birth and family planning services, women, children, family and community health It is a health discipline that contributes to the promotion. While midwifery is practiced with knowledge passed down from generation to generation, today it is a professional profession gained through education.

Istanbul Atlas University offers a comprehensive education with its expert academic staff and multidisciplinary approach. The midwifery laboratory designed for practical courses integrates the theoretical education of our students with experience.

With the motto of Butterfly Effect, more than twenty years of experience of Medicine Hospital, the valley campus and experienced academic staff in the field, our students who will study in the Midwifery department will be aware of being one step ahead in both clinical and academic fields and the navy with their 21st century competencies.

In order for our students to gain midwifery skills, they will have the opportunity to study with high-tech simulation models available in a few universities in Turkey and gain the most realistic experience in the university environment before hospitalization. We also have high-tech application glasses where our students can watch the applications made by academics online, from their own eyes, in order to gain remote midwifery skills.

They will be able to continue to use the university's facilities after their education, not during their education. The curriculum of the department is designed to enable students to gain all kinds of professional knowledge, skills and competencies, both theoretically and practically, along with basic science courses.

Our university, which pays special attention to foreign language education, aims to teach English with both theoretical and practical lessons for 6 semesters. In addition, it will offer you the opportunity to learn a second foreign language as an elective. In this way, they will have the opportunity to study, work and research not only in their own country but also abroad.

Graduates from the Midwifery Department have the opportunity to work in institutions that carry out many health practice, training and screening activities such as Hospitals, University Hospitals, Community Health Centers (TSM, ASM), which are private or public institutions. In addition, by opening a private cabin, they can work freely and follow pregnant, have a birth. Midwifery is one of the departments with the widest and easiest employment opportunity in our country, that is, the need for graduates yet. Graduates can participate in academic life at universities by doing master's and doctorate degrees.