The flapping of a butterfly's wings in the Amazon Jungle can cause a hurricane that can travel halfway around the world. Even the smallest action or the smallest decision has the power to significantly affect the flow of life. Our choices or actions, which are the size of a butterfly's wing, can create a much better future.

This is why when we were establishing our university, we adopted the motto of the 'butterfly effect' and named it 'Atlas', hoping that one day this small step would have big consequences.

Atlas University, which started its academic journey in 2018 and continued by accepting its first students in 2020, directs research and science with its strong academic staff and innovative style; With an approach that adopts universal values, it aims to provide valid and usable information for the benefit of society and humanity through national and international research in the light of science.

Faculty of Medicine at Atlas University, with a center of 50 units < b>Faculty of Dentistry and Application Research Center, With its facilities to learn and direct the technology of the future, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences aims to look at the needs of people and society from different perspectives and 5 faculties in total, including Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and Faculty of Health Sciences, which aim to teach solutions both theoretically and practically, Vocational School and Graduate Education Institute b> exists. Located on an open and closed area of ​​approximately 110,000 m², the campus hosts thousands of students.