Academic Counseling

Undergraduate/Associate Degree

Atlas University assigns a faculty member selected among the programme faculty members/instructors or research assistants who have completed a Ph.D. degree, as a consultant in order to assist all students who have just started their education. The academic advisor informs the student at the beginning of each semester during the course selection process, including the summer school. Academic status of the student is co-evaluated by the advisor and the student and advisor carries out the approval processes for the required course(s). Academic advisor also determines at least two hours a week as "Student Counseling Hour" and announces it to the students and provides face-to-face meetings for the problems of students regarding academic life. Additionally, advisor guides the student on adaptation to university life, professional development, career and similar issues and monitors them throughout their education.

Guidance and psychological counseling

Atlas University provides psychological counseling services to its students free of charge through its medico-social office. Individual meetings with our students in the unit are made by appointment system.

Career Planning Unit

Atlas Career Center, which was established to support the career planning of our students, will provide mentorship support from the first day, to the determination of students’ career goals, their follow-up and finally reaching their goals. It is also possible to access various internship and job postings from the information center of our center.