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Academic Gown Dressing Ceremony took place in Valley Campus

In our first year, when we started academic life, a gown ceremony was held for our academicians, who were appointed as professors.

The ceremony was held in the Vadi Campus Auditorium of our university, after a minute of silence and the national anthem, our Founding Rector Prof. Dr. Batuhan ÖZAY started with the opening speech.

Özay in his speech“There are a few professions in the world that wear robes. Dmen judgment members and faculty members. The members of these 3 professionsin society they undertake important tasks effectively. Themselves of emphasis They wear robes as an indicator. Robee also takes its importance from these values ​​ascribed to itself.. As academicsk independent and by making objective decisions, inwith an understanding that contributes to yellowness our robewe are wearing. I congratulate all of our academicians who received academic promotion. I wish continued success in their future career. ' said.

Ceremonyour It ended with congratulatory messages and taking a photo.

Our teachers who have been promoted to professorships prof. Dr. Fatma OZBAKIR, prof. Dr. Feyzullah ERSÖZ, Prof. Dr. Ahmet GÜL, Prof. Dr. Hanefi ÇAKIR, Prof. Dr. Muharrem ÇİDEM and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Uygar TINSMITHof we congratulate.