Accreditation Commission

In line with the strategic plan and objectives of the university, the Accreditation Commission was established in order to improve the quality of education and training, to coordinate the necessary activities throughout the university and to carry out the work and transactions in order for the student's preferred field, faculty and department programs to be accredited by national and international accreditation organizations authorized by YÖKAK.

Accreditation Commission Duties

¬ Establishing and developing the quality assurance system in education and training and carrying out studies in line with the university's strategic plan, objectives and the Higher Education Quality Assurance Regulation,

¬ To carry out studies on structuring programs related to TYYÇ and based on learning outcomes and fulfilling the requirements of the accreditation process,

¬ Creating a road map for the accreditation of non-accredited programs and following the processes,

¬ To determine in-house evaluation (IIA) methods and processes for programs that do not have an accreditation body and to evaluate the training program.

¬ To follow the accreditation studies throughout the university and to provide consultancy by sharing experience.