Atlas University; It has taken its privileged place in the academic world with its education, application and advanced research laboratories covering a total area of ​​6100 m². Our university, which also has one of the largest multidisciplinary laboratories in Turkey, has put its laboratories, which it has established with modern devices and equipment, into the service of education and science. Our laboratories reflect an understanding befitting the importance of research and practice, with their superior infrastructure, each of which contains the most advanced units of its respective field.

¬ Anatomy Laboratory (Anatomy Model Lab. and Dissection Lab.)
¬ Histology and Embryology/ Medical Pathology Laboratory
¬ Multidisciplinary Laboratory
¬ Medical Skill Laboratory
¬ Preclinical Laboratory
¬ Phantom Laboratory
¬ Nutrition Principles Laboratory
¬ Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory
¬ Nutrition Anthropometry Laboratory
¬ Midwifery-Nursing Basic Skills Laboratory
¬ Basic Education Laboratory
¬ Occupational Therapy Laboratory
¬ Speech and Language Therapy Laboratory
¬ Simulated Patient Laboratory
¬ Simulated Operating Room Laboratory and Cell Culture Laboratory
¬ XLabs

Operating Room Laboratory

Anatomy Laboratory

Preclinical Laboratory

Nursing Laboratory

Histology Laboratory

Multidisciplinary Laboratory

Medical Skills Lab

Computer Lab