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Aorta Bicarotid Graft bypass surgery, which is rare in the world, was performed in Medicine Hospital.

Aortic bicarotid graft bypass (by-pass from the aorta to both jugular veins), which is rare in the world, was successfully performed on the patient who was diagnosed with bilateral Carotid Artery stenosis (occlusion of both jugular veins) in the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of our University Hospital Medicine Hospital.

The patient named Sawsan MONSOUR, who came with the complaints of dizziness and fainting due to Takayasu's arthritis, a rheumatic disease at Istanbul Atlas University Medicine Hospital, was the Founding Rector of our University and Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department. Dr. Under the leadership of Batuhan Özay, Dr. Süleyman Tanrıverdi and Dr. She regained her health after a successful surgery performed together with lecturer Zeki Kılıç.

Dr. Tanrıverdi: 'Takayaş disease, autoimmune vasculitis, is a disease that causes vasculitis-induced obstruction especially in the vascular wall of the main arteries and branches of the body originating from the heart. We detected occlusion in both carotid arteries of our patient. The Sternum of Monsour was opened and the Aorta Carotid Artery Graft (bypass from the aorta to the jugular vein with an artificial vein) was performed. He recovered and was discharged within a week.