Arrangements For The Recognition Of Credit Mobility And Prior Learning (Formal, İnformal And Non-Formal)


The recognition of credits for outgoing students is automatically and fully ensured as agreed beforehand in the Learning Agreement (and changes to it, if any) and sent in the Transcript of Records (ToR). The ToR will be part of the recognition document. The courses, credits and grades on the transcript information from the host institution are to be recognized at ATLAS with credits and grades. The document is prepared by the academic coordinator’s approval process. The document is approved by the faculty executive board through departmental confirmation. In the last stage, the recognition data are transferred without delay into the student information system. It will be counted towards the student’s degree without any additional work or assessment of the student and will be traceable on the student’s ToR and the Diploma Supplement. The same process is also valid for the traineeship students. After completion of the traineeship period, the Proof of Recognition document will be prepared for the student and the traineeship will be reflected on both Transcript of Record and Diploma Supplement.

After the mobility for the incoming students, the ToR document is also sent to the home university within a period not longer than five weeks after the mobile student’s evaluation is completed at ATLAS.

Non-Formal and In-Formal Learning

Recognition of prior non-formal and in-formal learning is at the beginning stage in Turkish Higher Education Institutions. However, exam of exemption is organised at the start of each year at the University for the courseof English Language. The students who have fulfilled the can start the programme he/she has enrolled without studying the Preparatory class.