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Atlas University at Teknofest 2021

Students of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences-Computer Engineering Department of our university passed the first elimination and qualified to compete in Teknofest 2021.

Our students, who participated in the contest with the title of 'Innovative Solution to Hyperactivity, Behavioral Disorders and Concentration Disorders with Electroencephalography', completed the pre-elimination stage as a result of the TEKNOFEST 2021 Biotechnology Innovation Competition Pre-Evaluation Report. Computer Engineering 1 year students; The name of the team that Ahmet Emin KOLBASAR, Elif Deniz ÜÇEL, Eray YILDIZ, İbrahim Arda BEYAZTAŞ, İlkcan ÜSTOĞLU and Mert Ali KURTARAN have joined is called 'Cerebellum TEAM'. Project consultant Dr. Lecturer Recep Duranay, regarding the project; "We aim to detect very common diseases such as concentration impairment, hyperactivity and behavioral disorders with Electroencephalography (EEG) or Brain Chart Method, which measures the electrical monitoring of brain wave activity, with deviations in the direction of a robot that is designed and follows a linear path in normal situations. ''

144 teams from the University and above level-Project category took part in the Biotechnology and Innovation Competition. The finalist of Teknofest 2021 will be determined in September.