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Autophagy Activity in Health and Disease

Within the scope of scientific activities organized by the Faculty of Medicine  December 7On June 2020, 13: 00-14:00 between Prof. Dr. Online by Devrim GÖZÜAANG 'Hain stamina and health autophagy ' He gave a conference on.

By definition, the term autophagy can be perceived as a self-defense mechanism of the cell, or if the cell decides that it cannot survive, it directs itself to death in a programmed way.

Programmed cell death is a normal occurrence at all stages of living development processes. The embryo selectively uses these death mechanisms to take shape. Autophagy is used as a balancing factor in the regulation of the cell cycle in living organisms. On the other hand, various factors such as hunger, nutrition, microenvironmental properties and the use of drugs can selectively lead to autophagy.

In this conference, where the molecular and genetic mechanisms affecting all these autophagic processes were discussed, the results of the projects and research that were planned and carried out by Dr. Gözüaçık and his team were discussed.

You can reach the event link here.