Barrier-Free Access Unit

2022 Accessible University Awards

Our university, by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), for its work in the field of access within the scope of the “2022 Barrier-Free University Awards”; He received the Orange Flag Order with the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences. We congratulate all our managers, teachers and staff who contributed.

Atlas University Barrier-Free Access Uniti (EEB) 

Was established in 2020 in accordance with the Turkish Higher Education Institutions Disabled Counseling and Coordination Regulation. As stated in the Higher Education Institutions Disabled Counseling and Coordination Regulation, to determine the administrative, physical, accommodation needs and social and academic needs of students with disabilities, to determine what needs to be done to meet these needs, to plan, implement, develop and evaluate the results of the studies. It is among the main responsibilities of the Barrier-Free Access Unit.

The Unit, which sprouted under the Department of Health, Culture and Sports of Atlas University, started its activities in its first campus, Vadi Campus. The EEB determines what is necessary to meet the biopsychosocial needs of all staff and students of the University. In order to ensure equal participation in academic and social fields, it implements and develops the determined ones and evaluates the results of the studies. It organizes the planning with the relevant heads of departments and units in the implementation of accessibility standards. The Accessibility Unit submits the report, which it prepares at the end of each academic year, containing the results of its activities and evaluations, to the Council of Higher Education.

There is a Representative responsible for the Unit's activities in the Student Affairs Office within the Vadi Campus. Applications for applications that restrict the daily activities of Atlas University students and staff in the campus, and their accessibility in University information systems and media accounts are forwarded to the Executive Board of the Unit by the Representative. The Barrier-Free Access Unit Representative allows people who want to apply and get information to meet face-to-face on weekdays. Orientation and adaptation programs are organized for students with disabilities who start their education every academic year.

Who can apply to the Accessibility Unit?

All Atlas University students and staff with a temporary or indefinite term disability who apply to the Accessibility Unit can benefit from the necessary arrangements if they need it. The Barrier-Free Access Office takes a joint decision with the student/staff applying during the regulation process.

Regulations are implemented as long as necessary, measured and appropriate.