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Machine Learning with Python for Everyone

Pythonis a very large library and tool that is constantly being developed in the field of machine learning. It is the most preferred language in scientific studies. Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence and has the largest community network worldwide.

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Frequently asked Questions

Our trainings take place face-to-face, online or as a hybrid in Istanbul Atlas University Valley Campus, depending on the qualifications of the programs.

There is a 70% attendance requirement to the trainings.

The pre-registration form must be filled in for the requested training.

Documents required for registration;

  • Continuing Education Center Registration Form
  • Copy of Identity Wallet
  • Receipt (The name, name and surname of the education you want to take, and TR Identity Number should be written in the description section.

* In addition to the documents mentioned above, different documents may be requested for each training program. Sample; Graduation Certificate etc.

You can use the following methods when paying for Istanbul Atlas University Continuing Education Center trainings;


1. Via EFT or Wire Transfer to the bank account below "Name-Surname" and "Turkish ID Number" information must be specified in the explanation section.,

İstanbul Atlas ÜniversitesiT.C. İş Bankası A.Ş.KocamustafapaşaTLTR390006400000111050903806

B-PAYMENT WITH CREDIT CARD (Single shot up to 1.000 TL / 1.000 Installments for 3 TL and more)

1. In the Financial Affairs unit*

2. address, "Name-Surname" and "TR ID Number" information must be specified in the explanation section, online by credit card*

For payments over TL 1000, installments are offered to contracted bank credit cards.

If the minimum number of participants announced in the training program announcement is not reached, the training programs for which the participants are registered by announcing that they will be opened by the center may be postponed or canceled by the decision of the Board of Directors. (SEM Directive Article 6)

Participants, whose participation fee has been paid or started to be paid, does not attend the relevant program after the start of the training program or is dismissed from this program, the fee paid will not be refunded. The participant is obliged to pay the entire debt promised. (SEM Directive Article 8)

If the compulsory attendance rate cannot be completed due to unexpected circumstances such as a long-term illness, accident or death of a family member, the ATLAS-SEM Board of Directors will decide on the relevant participant upon the proposal of the program coordinator. (SEM Directive Article 10)

In general, there are no prerequisites for our trainings, and some qualified trainings, which are in their fields of expertise, specify the conditions according to the scope and type of the training.

Our teaching staff consists of academic staff who work in the academic units of our university and are experts in their fields outside of our university.

Training can be opened according to the demands of the institutions by planning special trainings and determining the standards in line with the training requests from the institutions.

Depending on the nature and scope, a certificate or a certificate of achievement is given to the participants in the trainings that are planned to exceed a certain hour and at the end of which there is an evaluation for the participants and the attendance is mandatory. A certificate of attendance is given in trainings that do not have an examination and require participation.

General English Course

In terms of English, it prepares participants who have never received any training or have reached a certain level from their current level and to use a competent language in business and daily life by taking them to a higher level. While increasing the comprehension dimension of the participants with all kinds of topics that are or are not of interest, the deficiencies in vocabulary and grammatical sense are largely eliminated.

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If you want to participate in our course programs, you can fill in the "Pre-Application" Form below.

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