Corporate Identity Guide

Our entire concept is inspired by the ideas of the ocean, the map, journey from past to future, and endless horizons.

Note: You can download our guide from the link at the end of the page.

We believe that every stage in human life is a unique journey. One of the most important distances of this journey is overcome during higher education. In this step, which is the most important process in our students' life journey, we used a compass needle pointing up and forward in our logo with the idea of ​​showing them an honorable goal and shining a light in front of them. 

When choosing our colors, we chose navy blue and red, which are identified with education. In our logo, dark blue, which expresses the deep points of the oceans, comes together with red, the color of energy, passion and energy. The star in our logo is the north star used on maritime charts. Our first inspiration comes from the famous map of Ottoman Admiral Piri Reis, which showed the Australian continent and many ocean coasts for the first time in the world.

The butterfly effect is the name given to how small changes in the initial data of a situation can lead to large and unexpected consequences. The flapping of a butterfly's wings in the Amazon Forest can cause a hurricane that can travel halfway around the world. Even the smallest action or decision has the power to significantly affect the course of life. Our choices or actions, the size of a butterfly's wing, can create a much better future. 

Each of our students carries the potential to make great discoveries and contributions both for themselves and for all humanity. Many great inventions are the result of one small step taken with dedication.

That's why, when establishing our university, we adopted the slogan "butterfly effect" and named it "Atlas", hoping that one day in the future this small step will have big results.