Ects Credit Allocation Policy (Institutional Credit Framework)

ECTS CREDIT ALLOCATION POLICY (institutional credit framework)

In ATLAS, ECTS credits have been allocated to all of the courses taught in the departments. For this allocation ECTS Key Features and ECTS Users’ Guide published in XNUMX have been followed as the main guides. XNUMX ECTS credits have been attached to the workload of a full-time year of an academic year with its associated learning outcomes. Firstly, the common courses at the university level were credited (‘Ataturk’ s Principles and History of Turkish Revolution’ and ‘Turkish Language’). After that, the courses at the faculty level and the courses at the departmental level have been credited. Allocation of the credits to the courses has been implemented by the student workload required the time to reach the expected learning outcomes. The courses have been planned by different educational activities. The assessment methods and criteria for the courses have been diversified. The up-to-date course catalogue has been published on the website of ATLAS (