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Exclusive Webinar: The Start of a new Future

Start of a New Future: International Relations in the Light of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Istanbul Atlas University Atlas Global Researchand Development Institute Elections in America are evaluated with the organization.

In recent years many developments that have radically changed the world happening. Criminal complaints, investigations, foreign policyki with changes and an ongoing global epidemic recently Many questions arose about what awaits people. These uncertainties and the effects of American elections on international diplomacy To evaluate from different perspectives, Istanbul Atlas University Atlas GRAD Organized by the Institute on the webinar will be evaluated. Moderated Istanbul Atlas University Translation and Interpretation Department Dr. Faculty Member Solution Arzik Erzurumof will do Webinar If the panelists Retired Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering, Vice Chairman of the Board, Hills & CompanyRetired Ambassador John Berry, President, American Australian Association, Prof. Steven David, License Training Director, John Hopkins University, Richard Fontaine, Yönetim Board Bashkanı, The Center for a New American Security.

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