As Atlas University Faculty of Dentistry, we offer our full-fledged hospital, modern devices, equipped laboratories, clinics and practice units all designed according to the full isolation model (the system that transfers the ambient air to the outside in infection hospitals and intensive care units with negative pressure system and reduces the risk of infection) to the service of education. .

We have started our education by taking our first students in the 2020-2021 academic year with our experienced, dynamic, cheerful and successful academic staff. Our faculty, equipped with the modern devices of dentistry, will carry the education of its students to the top of dentistry. In our Atlas Vadi Campus, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry are under the same roof.

Our priority is to develop dentistry through inspirational leadership, innovation and excellence in education, research and practice, to train dentists who will develop oral and dental health policies and make a difference in our country and abroad.

Atlas University Faculty of Dentistry is a principled institution that takes responsibility for its students to be trained as successful, career-loving physicians with the education it will provide. Dentistry students studying at our faculty will learn a comprehensive approach to manage patient care simultaneously with disciplinary-based clinical training, and will graduate as confident professional dentists who can work anywhere in the world by receiving high standards of training.