Industry 4.0 is the most suitable engineering discipline for the management and design of these systems, with the use and implementation of the most appropriate decisions in the management of developing technologies and associated systems. The purpose of industrial engineering; organizing, planning, managing and controlling the activities of engineers, scientists, designers and other technical and non-technical personnel in order to realize the determined objectives in the design, manufacture, construction, operation or maintenance of a product, device, structure or machine.

With the lesson plan prepared in accordance with the requirements of the age and in a human-oriented manner, our students will gain the competence to develop effective and efficient solutions to system problems by considering the system in a holistic manner. It is aimed that our graduates will have the technical knowledge and skills to work in almost all departments included in the organizational chart of an institution. For example, an industrial engineer working in the manufacturing sector (automotive, textile, food, etc.); will be able to work in areas such as production planning and control, work study, system analysis, ergonomics, operations management, facility design, total quality management, operations research, multi-criteria decision making and lean manufacturing. They will have the ability to make sense through brand design and strategy development in the marketing department and data mining in the sales department. In addition, industrial engineers take part in the field of research and development, and can perform applied and experimental analysis. In the information sector, industrial engineers, who are active in the digital transformation process with Industry 4.0, also have a good command of software and coding. In addition, they can provide business development, project management and consultancy services.

In addition to theoretical and applied courses, our students will have fulfilled the requirements of the industrial engineering profession through the examination of real case studies, design and application projects and compulsory internships. In addition, they will be able to continuously improve themselves with exchange programs, double major, minor and certificate programs.

Students will be admitted to our department according to 2021 YKS results.