Molecular biology and genetics is one of the basic sciences that research how biomolecules work and how genetic information is transferred by contributing to many areas such as DNA analysis, gene mapping, genetic consultancy, drug design, and food technologies.

With the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, we aim for our students to become experts who are trained with a high-tech laboratory infrastructure for molecular biology and genetics, which are increasingly needed in many fields such as developing medicine, agriculture, industry, and who are self-confident in solving problems and innovating, and can work independently. . It is aimed to reinforce the theoretical foundations and gain experience that our academicians have gained during their education with the participation of our students in the scientific research they continue in their fields. During their education, our students can perform their clinical practices by using the facilities of our University Hospital as well as departmental laboratories and develop their practical experiences.

In the first two years of their education, our students will be given basic sciences and cell biology courses. As of the third year, after completing the molecular genetics, biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology courses and application courses, they can take elective courses in areas of interest such as developmental biology, biotechnology, cancer, immunology in their fourth year. In addition, our students can take courses from different disciplines from our university's elective course pool.

Our graduates will receive the title of "Molecular Biologist and Genetics Specialist". Our students who have completed their education can work as researchers in institutions such as universities and research centers, can work in medical faculties such as diagnosis and treatment centers of genetic diseases, and in the health sector, in areas requiring biotechnology such as food and agriculture, and in many laboratories including transgenic animal production.

Students will be admitted to our department according to 2021 YKS results.