Software engineering, It is a branch of computer science that includes the development and creation of computer systems software and application software that emerged with the need for industries and technology solutions. Software engineering covers many areas such as banking, gaming, e-government, electronic warfare and defense systems, signal processing, health information systems, robotics and artificial intelligence.

In software engineering education, what can and cannot be done with software, that is, its calculability, how the software can define a task according to the needs of the user and the correct algorithm can be shown for this task, the complexizability and resolvability of algorithms, how software can write and read confidential data thanks to data structures and databases, They work on human-computer interaction and user interfaces where he can work smarter like a human. After taking the basic courses of General Engineering and Computer Engineering, our student will have the opportunity to use the knowledge, knowledge and skills he has gained in the classroom environment by taking elective courses related to the field he wants to specialize in, in solving real world problems. Our graduates who complete the program will continue to add value to the whole society throughout their careers, fully aware of their dynamic disciplines with unlimited potential.

¬ Our students will graduate with all the features that a software engineer should have. These features are:

¬ They will know what they can do if they are exposed to systematic techniques.

¬ They will be able to use smart technical data of project areas.

¬ Intelligent programming ability will be improved.

¬ They will have all communication skills consisting of verbal, written and interpersonal skills.

¬ They will be engineers who have high motivation and can carry out their project to the end.

¬ They will be disciplined.

¬ They will be able to understand, solve and make the right algorithm for all complex problems with their own and teamwork.

¬ They will be able to graduate with an advanced foreign language level.

They will be able to use their projects and research 24 hours a day by using state-of-the-art computers and all up-to-date software in the General Computer Laboratory, Logic Design and Digital Systems Laboratory, Data-Intensive Applications Sampled Cluster Computer Environment and Creative Laboratory, which are designed for research and development of software.

Our Software Engineering Department has created a rich pool of technical elective courses, including modeling and object-oriented analysis and design for the preparation of machine learning and artificial intelligence programs that will enable our students to choose the field they want to specialize in, and to prepare large-volume software systems. Our program, which will provide its students with the opportunity to conduct research and develop projects on the subject of their interest, takes care of the students' adaptation to life and business life with their knowledge and skills after graduation with a multidisciplinary approach in education.

Software Engineering graduates have the opportunity to work in many areas such as the business world, industry, service sector, telecommunications and banking.

Students will be admitted to our department according to 2021 YKS results.