Nothing has challenged the status quo as much as humanities and social sciences throughout history. Topics such as psychology, philosophy and anthropology encourage us to be skeptical and ask questions about the world around us.

In fact, learning the humanities and social sciences is about the questions we ask, as well as the answers we receive.

As a student of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, you will have many opportunities to explore the complex problems of today's society. Our distinguished teaching staff will encourage you to increase your critical thinking skills and develop your assumptions. The theoretical knowledge and practical experience you will gain through our programs will carry you to your career prospects. Students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are passionate about making a positive contribution to humanity both locally and globally. They graduate with the skills to change the world.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers structural, interdisciplinary degree programs based on social and economic needs, training well-rounded scientists with transferable skills. As Atlas University, we offer a supportive, innovative learning environment. Our students will be able to work in a real and creative relationship with our teaching and research staff, both in classroom contexts and in individual counseling sessions.

The ability of society to discover and solve problems, a strong communication ability to facilitate mutual understanding and tolerance towards different cultures form the basis of our ethical values.