Our Business (English) Department has been opened.

In today's world, due to the intense competition in the labor market, the need for human resources, who are open to innovation, able to integrate themselves into international markets, and manage business processes with a proactive structure thanks to their analytical thinking skills, is increasing day by day.

Istanbul Atlas University Business Administration Department is an undergraduate department that trains professionals who can do quality jobs by adapting to the economic systems of large companies and contributing to economic development with the development of financial life. Our department; It aims to train operators who can speak English at a level that can easily express themselves in the global market, use technology effectively, are prone to teamwork and have the opportunity to work in different sectors.

In our department, we offer our students basic business courses in the first two years, and in the last two years, we offer them the opportunity to get to know the relevant sectors more closely through elective courses. We provide our students with an active learning environment with expert managers from different sectors. In this way, our students have the opportunity to learn practical applications in the sector from experienced managers in order to specialize in the profession.

Graduates of the Business Department have the title of "Business Manager". Graduates; They can work as experts and managers in middle and high-level positions in various business lines of the public and private sector, and as experts, inspectors and auditors in ministries and affiliated institutions, Capital Markets Board and higher boards. In our world where production and trade are becoming more international day by day, they can work in companies with foreign capital, especially in banking, insurance and stock exchange-related companies and foreign trade companies.

Students will be admitted to our department according to 2021 YKS results.