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Fall Term Online Education Announcement within the Scope of Corona Measures

According to the decisions of the Presidential Cabinet Meeting regarding the pandemic process that negatively affects life in our country as in the whole world; Curfew hours for young people under 20 13:00-16:00 as a diluted and flexible working system in the public and private sectors and finally 31 Range It has been announced that education and training will take place online in educational institutions up to. Based on these reasons, the corona measures were discussed at the Senate meeting of our university on November 18, 2020, and the following decision was made regarding our education process. 

As Istanbul Atlas University, provided that we are open to explanations and directions from the Higher Education Board regarding the pandemic process 23 Nov 2020 From the date of 2020-2021 Fall semester; Lessons starting as a hybrid will continue online.

You will be informed about the final exams for the fall semester and the evaluations of the authorized institutions and the Council of Higher Education for the 2020-2021 Spring semester.