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'Favorite Assistant Project' of Ophthalmology Team

Our University Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member and Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Mr. Şükrü Aynacıoğlu participated as a speaker in the 'Gözde Assistant Project' training program organized by the Abdi İbrahim Ophthalmology Team.

Professor of Gaziantep University Hospital. Dr. A webinar by Kıvanç Güngör was presented by Prof. Dr. Aynacıoğlu attended with a speech titled 'Pharmaceutical Forms and Properties in Ocular Topical Therapy'. "Ocular Pharmacology" trainings were given to assistant ophthalmologists working in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

The webinars planned for the training needs of ophthalmologist assistants arising from changing conditions during the pandemic period will continue with the titles 'ocular infections and dry eye and treatment methods' and 'visual field and OCT assessment methods'.

The first training program was completed by providing interactive communication with a question and answer activity.