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Frequently Asked Questions About Fibroids

What is fibroids?

Miyoms leiomyoma also called uterusde hard k formedit is. Bazene fibroids He calls it "tumor". However, fibroids are not a type of cancer. but a mass in the uterus seen bir Am I? or it is sometimes difficult to determine if it is a rare cancerous tumor.

Why do fibroids occur?

The cause of fibroids is unknown. Ksex hormones 'estrogen and progesterone'seems to be effective in growing; some women themselvesni and their familiesni have genes that can predispose them to fibroids. Some fibroids grow over time while some shrinks. Some are they may also have growth spurt in which they grow rapidly within a short period of time.

What are the symptoms of fibroids?

Fibroids usually cause no symptoms. When they show symptoms They can cause:

¬ Large and / or prolonged periods

¬ Abdominal pain, pressure or "fullness" feeling

¬ The need to urinate frequently

¬ Bweeping motiondecrease in nd (constipation)

¬ Difficulty getting pregnant

How are fibroids diagnosed?

Myomas diagnosis of pelvic ultrasound put with.

How are fibroids treated?

In the treatment of fibroids bThere are several treatment options. Each option has its own pros and cons. The right treatment for you will depend on:

Symptoms you have

¬ Your age

¬ Whether you have children

¬ cause anemia too much bleeding to happen whether or not

¬ Size, number and location of your fibroids

¬ Treatment options for each treatment risks and benefits ve hangi Ask if the treatments can help you. Don't forget to also state whether you want to have children in the future.

What are the treatment options for fibroids?

¬ Drug therapy: Pills for birth control, vaginal rings, injections and all of the implants are your menstrual perioddeki It can reduce your bleeding. Some hormone spiraltypes can also lighten your periods. Mother your complaint If it is bleeding, your doctor may prescribe one of these medications.

¬ Surgery to remove fibroidsI: This is called "myomectomy". During this surgery, the doctor will remove the fibroids but leave the uterus in place. Effective, but fibroids again can come back. Myomectomy is often a good choice for people who may wish to become pregnant in the future. Myomectomy It can be done by open or closed methods.

¬ Uterus inner treatment to destroy the membrane - This is called "endometrial ablation". This procedure During the procedure, the doctor inserts a thin tube into the vagina, through the cervix and into the uterus. Later with camera the lining of the uterus visually destruction would. Bu procedure, piece periodsextreme reduces bleeding. But this is for everyone appropriate not an optiondir. Getting pregnant It is also not suitable for people who may want it.

¬ Blood flow to fibroidsmini cutting treatmentif: This "uterine arter embolization, also known as "uterine fibroidembolization"Is called. This procedure During the doctor, an artery in the leg by myoma bringing blood his artery is blocked. After the procedure, the fibroids no longer get blood, so it shrinks. This procedure It is not suitable for people who might want to become pregnant.

¬ Surgery to remove the uterus: This "hysterectomy”Is called. Hysterectomy It can be done by open or closed method. This surgery s from fibroids and the problems they cause forever wormjust. Hysterectomy If you do, your fibroids cannot return. However, not getting pregnant in the futureyou are.

Which option is right for me how do i decide it is?

Your doctor will help you understand the different treatment options and how each will affect you. will be. With your doctor the right option for youyou decide. At the decision stage;

¬ Whether you want to become pregnant in the future It is important. If you want to have children, drugs or myomectomy it is usually the best choice. If you don't want to have children, you can usually choose from all the options.

¬ How likely you are to go through menopause is also important. Symptoms related to fibroids are usually associated with menopause regresses or disappearsTherefore, your age may influence your decision about treatment.

M in our hospitaliAll treatments and surgeries related to yomas are performed.

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