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From Past to Present March 14 Medicine Day

Atlas University Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Ayhan Bilir touched upon the History and Current Reflections of March 14 Medicine Day.

1 March 4, Medicine Day continues with various events and celebrations. Atlas University Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Ayhan Bilir, in his statement on the occasion of the 14 March Medicine Day, stated that this event week is celebrated as a week where all the problems of health workers are discussed, solutions are sought, forward-looking predictions and analyzes are made and sharing is made within the country's health management system.

Commenting on the history of the Medicine Day, Prof. Dr. Ayhan Bilir, “The Sultan II. During the Mahmut period, after the efforts of Mustafa Behçet Bey, who believed that medical education should be given in separate schools, the first surgery room of the Ottoman Empire was established on March 14, 1827, in the Tulumbacıbaşı Mansion in Şehzadebaşı, under the names Tıphane-i Amire and Cerrahhane-i Amire. Today, 14 March, the foundation day of the school, is celebrated as Medicine Day.” Said.

Reminding that the Medicine Day was celebrated on May 12 between 1929 and 1937, Prof. Dr. Ayhan Bilir stated that the reason for this was that Turkish medicine classes started on this date, but this practice was abandoned over time, adding that the first celebration took place on 14 March 1919 in occupied Istanbul.

Dr. Bilir described the historical event that took place at that time with the following sentences:
 "They sacrificed their lives for the National Struggle!"
“Under the leadership of third year student Hikmet Boran, medical school students gathered to protest the occupation, and the famous doctors of the time also supported this protest and protested the occupation. Thus, the feast of medicine began as a movement to defend the homeland of the members of the medical profession. Later, the representatives of this spirit participated in the Gallipoli battles in Çanakkale, where the formation of a new and independent state was formed, and they sacrificed their lives for the sake of their country and their ideals without hesitation.

Reminding that 346 of 765 medical students who participated in the First World War were martyred, and all first-year students who started their education in 1915 were martyred in Çanakkale, Bilir said, "They are so holy and willing to sacrifice, jumping forward without hesitation when needed, and The honor of being a member of a professional group capable of sacrificing their bodies for their country and humanity is above all else.” he said.

Referring to the recent problems, Prof. Dr. Ayhan Bilir continued his words as follows; “Today, in parallel with the uncontrolled population growth, there has been a serious increase in the number of patients and diseases due to the loss of excessive and insatiable production desire, polluted waters and insufficient feeding factors. This situation imposes heavy responsibilities on all healthcare professionals, especially our physicians. In our country, it is essential for the managers to deal with the problems of our physicians and health workers without losing any time and create solutions.”

That is, considering that 385 health workers lost their lives due to the coronavirus, legal reorganization of the personal rights of health workers due to COVID-19 and similar diseases and the creation of a non-violent health working environment should be ensured.

Professor, who can say that all healthcare professionals celebrate the 14th March Medicine Day, without caring about their own lives, for people whom he has never met or seen, even though you know that the most beautiful real thing is to live, if necessary, you will be able to die in the laboratory with your white shirt. Dr. I congratulate Cemil Taşçıoğlu and all the healthcare professionals who lost their lives for this cause, bowing respectfully and wishing that the social and personal rights of all healthcare professionals are regulated as they deserve and that more efficient service environments are provided to the society.”


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