Health Application and Research Center

Providing education and training services in the relevant fields in which the University operates, especially in the field of health sciences, conducting scientific research, providing health services in every field, training health personnel at all levels, ensuring that the education and application needs of students and the research requirements of academic staff are met, modern management of health services To cooperate with the faculties, institutes, schools, application and research centers within the University and other institutions within the country or abroad within the scope of the provisions of the legislation in order to ensure the standard, effective and efficient coordination in line with the principles of the university and to ensure the quality and efficient implementation of health services.

Activity Areas of the Center

¬ To provide modern, scientific and reliable health services to patients who apply to the Center to receive health services.

¬ To cooperate with clinical branches and other disciplines on public health research. Watching

¬ standards in health care and research in Turkey and other countries to provide quality health services.

¬ To provide education-related services to students who continue their education and training in all fields, primarily in the field of medicine and health sciences, and to prepare the infrastructure for health practice and research activities.

¬ To prepare projects, provide consultancy, organize training programs and provide scientific opinions and similar services to national and international public and private sector institutions and organizations in line with the aims of the Center.

¬ To prepare projects in line with the aims of the center, to publish periodicals and non-periodicals, to organize programs in the written and visual media, to present scientific opinions.

¬ To cooperate with public institutions and organizations and the private sector in order to develop a healthy society within the scope of the relevant legislation provisions.

¬ To ensure that university students gain awareness of healthy living and take active roles in Center projects, to carry out encouraging educational activities for this purpose and to support those who want to work in this field.

¬ To organize in-service courses, panels, seminars and similar activities in the field of health.

¬ To establish and operate application units or units within the Center to support research, education and applications in the field of health services.

¬ To establish and operate central units and polyclinic units in all medical departments and sciences and other health-related fields in order to provide comprehensive health services, as well as inpatient treatment services within the scope of the relevant legislation.

¬ Establishing and / or taking over and operating the venues and facilities where the center will operate by donation, purchase, usufruct or lease