They are the societies that aim to support the academic, sports, social and cultural development of students and enable them to reinforce their activities in this direction within the university, between universities and outside the university.

Student clubs, which also include organizations such as sports teams, carry out their national and international activities under the name of the university. To operate in individual and team sports, apply to the Health, Culture and Sports Department with your license.

Club operations are completed in the fall semester. To establish a new club, complete the forms below and send them to the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. You can use the Student Information System to become a member of existing clubs.

To create a club, the club's statutes and advisory petitions must be submitted along with the student information of the members, with a minimum of 10 members. Clubs must obtain permission from the Health, Culture and Sports Department with an activity permit form before their activities and are obliged to report their activities throughout the year.

E-mail addresses to be received on behalf of the Group are provided from the Information Technologies Unit in accordance with the permission of the Health, Culture and Sports Department.

Student Clubs List