The student council, which is an indicator of the concepts of democratic education and shared leadership in higher education institutions, is a community that aims to ensure that student representatives participate in certain boards at a specified level in the administration of each university and seek solutions to student problems or express opinions on issues that concern students, and in this way, communication between students and the administration.

Istanbul Atlas University Student Council, Higher Education Institutions Student Councils and Higher Education Institutions National Student Council were established within the framework of the regulations. Department student representatives and faculty student representatives form the General Assembly, Executive Board and Supervisory Board. The Presidency of the Student Council is undertaken by the student representative of the unit determined according to the alphabetical order of the respective faculty names. The Chairman of the Council is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board is elected from among the members of the General Assembly who do not take part in the Board of Directors.

FacultyName SurnamechapterEmail
medical SchoolÜveys Talha AYDEMİR
Faculty of DentistryDrip IRON*
Faculty of Health SciencesMerve Nur POLATDEMIRNutrition And
Faculty of Health SciencesAzra
Faculty of Health SciencesHusniye YIKILMAZOccupational
Faculty of Health SciencesHilal PECTEZ Speech and Language
Faculty of Health SciencesEmircan Ç
Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesDEMİRCAN in RüveyTranslation and
Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesMert
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciencesİbrahim Arda BEYAZTAŞComputer
Vocational Schoolİrem DEMİRELİMouth and dental
Vocational SchoolBeyza CANTherapy and Rehabilitation
Vocational SchoolYasin KOÇYIGIT**Department of Medical Services and

* President of the Student Council
** Vice President of the Student Council