It is necessary to get a valid health insurance in Turkey to apply for residence permit. For having a valid health insurance in Turkey;

• In case of insurance that you have already prepared in your country ,you need to translate and make it confirmed by notary, or you need to make it confirmed by Atlas University International Office. If you have an insurance from your official government insurance institution and if that institution has an agreement with Social Security Institution (SGK) in Turkey, you can take advantage from this agreement. For taking advantage from this agreement you should check this website and you should get information from your own official government institution.

If these two countries have an insurance agreement and your health insurance is suitable for the conditions that our Social Security Institution (SGK) determined, you can demand this document from SGK and apply for residence permit. For asking the document from SGK, you have to submit your own original health insurance.

You can apply to a private Turkish Insurance company for health insurance. You can find detailed information about these insurance companies in Turkey from internet.