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Istanbul Atlas University hosted members of the press at Atlas Vadi Campus

Our university hosted valuable editors from the press world at Atlas Vadi Campus.

A large number of journalists attended the press launch organized to explain the dynamism and curiosity of our university in bringing a new perspective to education in Turkey.

It is hosted by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of our University, Dr. Yusuf Elgörmüş and Rector Prof. Dr. At the press conference held by Mustafa Küçük, the academic year was evaluated in the shadow of the pandemic. The project-based, thematic and student-centered education system was explained with the innovative "Atlas Hybrid" model, which combines online and face-to-face education in a balanced way, taking into account the different educational needs of students.

At the meeting, where some members of the press also participated online, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Yusuf Elgörmüş: “Since my assistantship as a medical doctor, it has been my dream to establish a real university with a strong scientific infrastructure. At Medicine Hospital, we took steps to realize this dream. Previously, we made preparations such as conference halls, classrooms, libraries, assistant rooms, student internship rooms in our hospitals, and we gave importance to education and practice in hospital management. Over the years, we have become a part of medical and health education by providing internship opportunities to many students. The biggest investment is investing in people.” He expressed his feelings in his words.

Our university, in which 14 student projects were entitled to receive TÜBİTAK support in its first academic year, took its place among the top 3 universities with the most projects accepted in foundation universities. Expressing his thanks to the students who deserved support and to the academicians who showed the way, our University Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Small, “The pandemic process has led our current education system towards rapid and radical changes. The world of education, which has been transformed by the developments in the field of technology, has been reshaped with online solutions. We have integrated into the new system with all our advanced technological infrastructure. At Atlas Hibrit, we have implemented a student-oriented education approach by integrating technology with the basic principles of education. With virtual reality technology, our students felt like they were in classrooms and could participate in education. Our classrooms were revised for hybrid education and equipped with video, sound and smart board systems. We used the "Atlas Glas" camera glasses system to conduct online education more efficiently. We transferred the applications and experiments of the faculty members in the laboratory to the students synchronously and online, thus increasing the efficiency of the practice lessons.” said. Rector Küçük stated that 23 of our students received a Double Major education in the first year, and they were proud.

The meeting, which attracted great attention from members of the press, ended with a campus tour after the question and answer session.