Within the scope of staff training mobility, academic staff and administrative staff employed in a higher education institution with ECHE in EU Member States or third countries associated to the programme can come to Istanbul Atlas University. Within the scope of this activity, it is possible for the person to receive various trainings (such as on-the-job trainings, observation processes) in order to improve the skills they have in their current job. Teachers and administrative staff working in third countries associated to the programme can come to Istanbul Atlas University as part of educational mobility. Faculty members and administrative staff wishing to participate in the educational mobility check the agreement lists (web address) between the institutions and verify that the agreement with their units covers the educational mobility and the foreign language condition specified in the form. These staff, who meet the application and selection criteria of the universities to which they belong, within the framework of the regulations of the 2022 program guide, completes the FR -351 INCOMING PERSONAL INFORMATION FORM and sends to the Erasmus Coordinatorship (

Activity Duration

Academic or administrative staff activity, whose application is approved by the respective academic unit coordinator and the unit management, must be at least 2 consecutive working days without travel. If the responsible coordinator and head of department deem it useful, a notification of admission will be sent to the academic or administrative staff who have applied. Academic or administrative staff, together with the departmental coordinator of our university, creates the training program that defines the educational activities to be completed. After completion of the training mobility, a certificate of participation is issued for the academic and administrative staff. (FR-347 CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION FORM ERASMUS+ STAFF TRAINING - CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION FOR ERASMUS+ STAFF TRAINING)