Who can participate?

Permanent or contracted academic staff , working at Istanbul Atlas University can apply. Academic staff whose contract position is different from assigned position should apply to place of duty. Since there is no contract between the personnel employed in ATLAS through service procurement, these people can not benefit from staff mobility. Available institutions, departments and quotas are to be listed in the future.

Field of Activities

Teaching staff mobility is a field of activity that allows academic staff employed at ATLAS who has responsibility to teach at ATLAS, to teach at an institution in an EU member state country or a third country associated to the programme (Annex. 1) in which ATLAS has an inter-institutional aggreement. Conference participation cannot be supported within this scope.

Activity Duration

Maximum duration of the mobility is 2 months. The minimum number of days of activity is consecutive 2 working days without travel days.. During this period, the staff should teach at least 8 hours. In the event that the beneficiary has been active for less than 2 days in the participation certificate, the activity is considered invalid and no grant payment is made to the beneficiary.

Grant Support

The grant given to the personnel benefiting from the staff teaching mobility is a contribution, and the grant is not intended to cover all the expenses related to the period spent abroad. The final amount to be paid for the mobility period is determined by multiplying the number of mobility days with the daily grant amount valid for the country of destination and adding the travel contribution to this amount.  

Individual Support

Country Groups

Receiving Country

Euro per day

1. Group Countries

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway,



2. Group Countries

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta,Netherlands, Portugal, Spain


3. Group Countries

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Turkey


Travel Support

Travel support is provided for the round-trip travel between the program and partner countries. The amount of travel support should be calculated with the “Distance Calculator”. The distance calculator is available at the link:

The distance between home and host institution should be calculated via distance calculator and then the table below should be used to see how much grant is allocated for this distance.

Staff who prefer a green travel will receive up to 4 days of additional individual support to cover travel days for a return tip, if relevant.

Travel distance

In case of standard travel

In case of green travel

Between 10 - 99 km

23 Euro per participant

Between 100 - 499 km

180 Euro per participant

210 Euro per participant

Between 500 - 1.999 km

275 Euro per participant

320 Euro per participant

Between 2000 - 2999 km

360 Euro per participant

410 Euro per participant

Between 3000 - 3999 km

530 Euro per participant

610 Euro per participant

Between 4000 - 7999 km

820 Euro per participant

8000 km or more

1500 Euro per participant

Zero Grant Mobility

Staff could benefit from the program without grant. Still, the staff should apply to the quotas with the other staff, during the appropriate call.

Application Schedule

Application Start Date:
Application Deadline:

How to Apply

Academic personnel who want to participate in mobility can apply by filling out the application form "FR-348 ERASMUS+ STAFF TEACHING MOBILITY APPLICATION FORM", after signing it, scanning the form and sending an e-mail with the subject "Erasmus+ KA131 STA Application Form" to so that it does not interfere with other mails.

Selection Criteria

Number of previous Erasmus activities

Doesn’t have a previous activity

50 points

Having one prior activity

40 points

Having two prior activity

30 points

Having three prior activity

20 points

Having four prior activity

10 points

Having five of more prior activity

0 points

Language Score (Please submit your language certificate. If a Prof. or Assoc . Prof. doesn’t provide a language certificate, the language score will be 70/100 automatically. If a lecturer adds the code of course he/she teaches in English , they will be evaluated as 80/100.

50 % of the score

Having an acceptance letter from the host institution

+10 points

Having a direct contribution to maintaining Erasmus activities (will be evaluated by Erasmus Office)/ being advisor to Erasmus Incoming Students

+10 points

Disabled staff *

+10 points

Children of martyrs/veterans**

+15 points

* Disabled staff: 10 points will be added to those staff who provide official health report from the hospitals authorized by Turkish Ministry of Health during their applications to ITU.

** Children of martyrs/veterans: According to the 21. clause of Anti-Terror Law (law no: 3713 dated 12.04.1991) and according to the Article 7 of the Decree Law No. 667 of 23 July 2016; to the people (and their spouses and children) who have been killed or disabled due to the coup attempt and the terrorist act on 15 July 2016 and in the continuation of these events, 15 points will be added to the final scores of those Staff who can provide both the original and the copy of the official Martyr/Veteran Family card issued by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

Announcement of Allocation and Objection Process

The period between the announcement of preliminary results and the final results is reserved for the objections of the applicants. Objections to the final list must be delivered to Erasmus Office (in person or through e-mail), on the previous working day of final announcement dates and should include the reason, the requested change and staff information. The announcement of the results will be announced on the university web-site.

Reserve List

Those who have not been placed will be on the reserve list. In case of any cancellation or additional grant by the National Agency, they will be informed by the Erasmus Office, according to the final score.