Language Teaching Application and Research Center

Aims and Fields of Activity of the Center 

¬ under the provisions of the relevant legislation in the country and abroad to teach foreign languages ​​and Turkish, Turkey, including support for language teaching activities and to promote Turkish culture and open branch offices for this purpose.

¬ To prepare programs and develop methods by conducting practices and researches in language teaching, to conduct joint studies with various institutions and organizations in Turkey and abroad within the scope of the provisions of the legislation.

¬ International bilateral agreements and relevant public institutions under the relevant provisions of the legislation and institutions with private sector organizations and with relevant departments of the universities in Turkey Turkish and doing work on teaching foreign language in public education, research, available applications and publications.

¬ Organizing seminars, courses and meetings to encourage practices and research on teaching Turkish and foreign languages, and to announce the researches.

¬ Turkish and to teach foreign languages, to promote Turkey and Turkish culture to foreigners to arrange trips domestically and abroad, to give awards to the teaching staff and students, provide scholarships to trainees in order to promote language learning. 

¬ To prepare teaching tools for Turkish and foreign language teaching, to publish books, magazines, bulletins, reports, projects, brochures, to participate in various domestic and international fairs and to carry out promotional activities.

¬ Organizing various seminars, workshops and similar activities within the scope of the relevant legislation in Turkey and abroad in order to closely monitor the developments in Turkish and foreign languages, and participate in such studies.

¬ Turkish language of the universities Turkology university in students and Turkey abroad, Comparative Linguistics and Foreign Languages ​​Department senior students and graduates to edit application programs for professional experience, issue certificates within the scope of the relevant legislation necessary in this study.

¬ To prepare distance education programs and exams in order to popularize Turkish education, to apply them in Turkey and abroad, to cooperate with various universities and language centers abroad, to provide student and academic staff exchange and the sharing of educational tools within the scope of the provisions of the relevant legislation.

¬ To make comparative studies between Turkish and foreign languages ​​in order to make Turkish teaching more efficient.

¬ living outside the country and / or returned to Turkey to teach Turkish to Turkish children and adults.

¬ To teach Turkish children and adults living abroad the language of the country they live in so that they can adapt to the society they live in and be successful in their schools and jobs.

¬ To support scientific studies and to make translations in various languages ​​in order to meet the demands of institutions and organizations.

¬ To organize language exams in line with the requests of institutions and organizations within the scope of the relevant legislation provisions.

¬ To open courses with social and cultural support to improve the foreign languages ​​of primary and secondary education students within the scope of the relevant legislation provisions.

¬ To develop projects related to Turkish and foreign language teaching, to partner with national and international projects in this field. 

¬ Organizing social and cultural activities and forming various study groups in order to ensure that foreign students who learn Turkish in the center meet and mingle with Turkish students.

¬ Carrying out informative promotional activities regarding the University and the Center and / or contributing to such activities of the University.