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'Measurement and Evaluation Methods in Medical Education' Seminar was held

The Conference on Measurement and Evaluation Methods in Medical Education and Effective Presentation Techniques was held at Istanbul Atlas University Hospital Medicine Hospital. 

Our University Faculty Members Prof. Dr. Ayhan Bilir, Prof. Dr. Yakup Tuna and Dr. Sema Ketenci; He shared the concepts, principles, techniques and application methods of measurement and evaluation (testing) in education, and the standards that faculty members must comply with with the academicians and clinicians at the University Hospital Medicine Hospital.

It was emphasized that fair and systematic testing of performance in 'measurement and evaluation' systems, which is one of the indispensable elements of the education process of the Faculty of Medicine, is a diligent work. It was emphasized that the results obtained with the applied scale and assessment techniques will determine the level reached by the students in the education process and the areas where the education is successful or unsuccessful, and the importance of providing the opportunity (feedback) to the instructors and students to evaluate the process and the point reached. In this way, information was shared that he would develop and guide education with a healthy examination system, and that he has an educational motivation that questions the training style and the competence of the educated. 

Training seminars organized in accordance with pandemic conditions will continue.