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Message from our Rector for Teachers' Day

''Teaching is the most sacred and respected profession in the world that draws its strength from love. The material of this honorable profession is human. Our teachers, who enlighten their environment by burning them like candles in every environment they are present, are the indomitable representatives of the blessed duty, who are the guarantors of our future, and raise our children and young people by adopting our national and spiritual values ​​according to the requirements and needs of our age.

Our expectation from our teachers is that they teach our children and young people to think, generate knowledge by thinking, research, questioning, rationality and science, and raise them as individuals with critical thinking, self-confident, loving their country and nation.

Playing a pioneering role in making our society strong in every aspect and developed in terms of modernity; Raising generations who know their past well, look to the future with confidence, have good morals, respect people and labor, research, read, love life; I congratulate the teachers' day of our faculty members and all of our teachers who shaped our students with their devoted work using contemporary methods, contemporary knowledge and contemporary technologies.

Professor Dr. Batuhan ÖZAY