Message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dear Young People,

Our university has completed its founding journey, which started in 2018, by accepting its first students in the 2020-2021 academic year and taking its strong place in our higher education system. Our Atlas Vadi Campus is at the service of you, our valuable young people, with its area-specific laboratories, rich library, conference hall and equipped R&D centers that can host scientific research. In addition, we offer you a modern campus life with large venues and facilities that allow social, cultural and sports activities. Istanbul Atlas University aims to contribute to our country and humanity in the process of building science, technology and finally a civilization with the opportunities and opportunities it offers. Education is the product of labor and accumulation with all its elements, just like the winging of sound that builds culture by first creating the word, then the sentence, and finally the language, or the numbers / symbols to produce scientific knowledge and technology by folding with formulas. With our commitment to scientific knowledge, productivity and sustainability, we have the ideal of creating a solid foundation on which you will build your future in terms of academic and professional development by offering all the possibilities of applied education to our valued students. We are pleased that our university has made a strong start in serving this purpose with its academic and administrative staff, infrastructure and all kinds of equipment since its establishment.

Contributing to the training of scientists and professionals who believe in the guiding power of reason and science, who know that determination and effort are the most fundamental elements of success, who have a command of their own culture, who have universal humanitarian values, who respect differences, who value humanity and who are equipped with the ideal of serving humanity, are the most important factor that excites us.

Our university; I greet you with hope and faith in your contribution to the happiness and welfare of our country and all humanity.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees