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New method to be hope in the treatment of elephant disease

Lymphedema surgery, which is popularly known as "Elephant Disease", was initiated with the new method developed by our Medical Hospital doctors of our University Faculty of Medicine.

A new method has been tried to give hope to patients in the treatment of Elephant Disease (Lymphedema), which causes swelling in the arms and legs as a result of spreading of lymph fluid under the skin for various reasons instead of entering the bloodstream. It performed using endoscopic and microsurgical methods 'texture transport' method of Medicine of our University for the first time in Turkey General Surgeon Dr. Lecturer Nihat Gülaydın, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Dr. Lecturer Hakan Teymur and Dr. Lecturer It was carried out by the team consisting of its member Hanifi Önalan.

Dr. Lecturer Hakan Teymur, a member of staff, gave the following information about the patient who underwent surgery in the groin area a few years ago due to the suspicion of cancer: “After examinations and examinations, it was decided that the patient had Lymphedema. He was presented with alternative options for treatment. We needed to develop a different method because the patient was a young woman and wanted to undergo surgery with the least possible scar. We used both endoscopic methods and microsurgical methods in our method. As far as we know, tissue transport with this method was performed for the first time in our country. We hope this treatment method will give a successful result in order to give hope to other patients who have difficulties due to lymphedema. Lymphedema patients, popularly known as "Elephant Disease," should constantly take care of themselves, wear corsets, and avoid some activities in their normal social life. For this reason, they can be constantly restricted and experience stress throughout their lives. Nowadays, surgeries related to lymphedema are performed by Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. These methods are usually volume reduction operations related to thinning the affected leg or arm and do not cure the disease definitely. It only slightly reduces the complaints of patients. Some surgical operations are those that try to provide treatment of the disease but are still under development. Tissue transplants or lymphatic vessels are repaired with these surgical methods, which require the use of micro surgical methods. While these surgeries may be curative in some patients, unfortunately they do not work in some patients. Unfortunately, it is not performed by many physicians today, since it does not give difficult and definite results. However, one of the therapeutic operations of lymphedema is the operation of moving the tissue called Omentum (the membrane covering the intestines in the abdomen, shirt) to the affected arm or leg. Since the omentum is a tissue located in the abdomen, general surgery physicians also take part in the surgery. Surgical scars are less when prepared with the endoscopic method.