We Wandered Through the Pages of the 3.5 Billion Year Old Microbiota Book

June 22, 2024

Microbiologist Dr., consultant of Next Microbiome company, one of the most famous names of the new generation probiotics. Ali R. Akın visited Atlas University Vadi Campus.

Today, Dr. is still an active scientific consultant in Silicon Valley, California. Ali Rıza participated as a speaker in the Medical Laboratory Seminar Series organized with international participation. Moderated by Dr. Lecturer Member Hatice Nur Halipçi Topsakal and Lecturer. See. Distinguished scientists attended the program conducted by Senem Aslan Öztürk as speakers. The seminars, in which both Molecular Biology and Genetics students and Nursing Department students participated, were organized by the academicians and students of the Vocational School Medical Laboratory Program. Prof., one of the directors of Medicine Hospital Medical Laboratory. Dr. Fatma Bozkurt and Dr. Lecturer. Member Bağnu Dündar also took part in the program as a speaker.

Dr., whose laboratory is located in California. In his speech, Ali Rıza Akın talked in detail about the importance and use of new generation probiotics and also explained the reasons why we should protect our microbiota.

Dr. Ali Rıza AKIN started his scientific career in Silicon Valley, Northern California, where he carried out his studies on human microbiota, new generation probiotics, and host-microbe relationships for 25 years. Although he is one of the first team in the world to discover dozens of new generation bacteria, especially with the work he has done in the last 10 years; He has opened new horizons in his work with his microbiota studies, especially the effect of bacterial surface measurement on human health, and creative solutions such as appetite control with probiotics. He is also among the authors of the book "Bacterial Therapy of Cancer", together with the world's leading scientists on the subject.

He carried out his studies in the United States in collaboration with research centers such as UCLA, Imperial College of London, University of Manchester, University of Groningen, University College Cork, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Novartis Biomedical Research Institute. He has applied for the "Treatment of Metabolic Diseases with New Generation Bacteria" patents, as well as patents registered in Europe, Japan and America.

Highly effective products for the control of hunger hormones, elimination of insulin resistance, weight loss, stress-depression elimination and elimination of menstrual pain with the systems and new generation prebiotics developed on the Akkermansia and Christensenella families, the most famous of the new generation probiotics, are the first in Turkey in the world. has been released and these products will be available for use by private health insurance companies in the United States in 2022.

The latest project that Ali R. Akın is working on is a product study that will include hundreds of new generation probiotic strains within the same concept. With this study, it is planned to end fecal transplantation in the world. In the world of the 21st century, Ali Rıza Akın opens new horizons on human health with his Anaerobic Microbiology studies.

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