Student Affairs Department

You can access the 2023-2024 academic calendar from the files below.

About us

As the Student Affairs Department, our main aim is;
To support the development of education-training regulations and relevant directives,
Explaining students' rights and responsibilities transparently and ensuring that they can easily access them,
To keep student and course information in the most accurate, secure, orderly and comprehensive manner; To provide access to information, to contribute to the continuous improvement of the opportunities and learning environment offered for the benefit of students by making various analyses,
To act as a bridge between university units on issues related to students.
We work with the aim of providing service at international standards, especially for students, and our leading values ​​are transparency, accessibility, reliability, equality and flexibility.

Student Information System / E-mail address

All students who are accepted to our university are opened a user account that they will use throughout their education. Your user account consists of username, e-mail address and password. E-Mail Address It is created as . After the registration process is completed, your username, e-mail address and password will be sent to your mobile phone registered in the system. In order for you to access applications and use all systems actively You need to change the default password sent to your phone via the address. Since many personal, academic and personal information about you are contained in these systems, you may not be able to share your password with anyone, including university employees. You should not share it with anyone.

Once their education starts, our students can view their course registrations, grades, absences, etc. They will monitor their transactions through the automation system. When logging in via the address or the OIS shortcut on our website, they can log in by following the steps explained on the page. When our student forgets his password or does not know his password They can get a new password for their mobile phone registered in the system by filling in the required information via the address.

Student ID Card

All students enrolled in our university are given student ID cards by Istanbul Atlas University. Our students will use these cards when entering and exiting the campus. When our students lose their ID cards or want to renew them, they can apply to the Student Affairs Department to obtain a new one.

Military Service Postponement Procedures

Male students who are eligible to enroll in our university's undergraduate and associate degree programs through the ÖSYM Exam are registered online by inquiring about their military service status. The student status of registered male students is viewed online via Yöksis by the relevant military branch and deferment procedures are carried out. Postponement procedures are carried out by the Military Recruitment Branch, based on the age of 29 as long as their education continues. Students' graduation, dismissal, horizontal transfer, etc. Their status is also reported online to the relevant military branch.

If male students enrolled in graduate programs request a Transfer Postponement procedure, the transfer postponement offer process is made online within the scope of the Ministry of National Defense's Transfer Postponement Procedures Regulation. (Referral deferral offer will not be made for special students who have not applied yet)

Student Information Privacy

In accordance with our university's policy, personal and academic information of our students is confidential. This information can only be shared with third parties and institutions with the student's permission. The application also includes the student's parents and non-involved university employees. This principle is followed not only in accident, health and emergency situations where there is a possibility of harm to oneself or others.

Students can access their academic and personal information through the University's Student Affairs Automation System (OİS) with their individual passwords.

Other Duties and Responsibilities of the Student Affairs Department;

To carry out preparatory work regarding the student quotas to be admitted to the university.
Carrying out university registration and admission procedures,
Creation and archiving of student personal files,
Carrying out registration renewal and course registration procedures,
Carrying out foreign student procedures,
Carrying out graduate student transactions,
Performing registration deletion, disconnection and registration freezing procedures,
Carrying out horizontal transfer (in-house, out-of-house) procedures,
Carrying out Double Major and Minor registration procedures,
Preparation of Student Certificate, Transcript and Student Status Certificate,
Identification of Honor and High Honor students,
Performing student ID card transactions,
Carrying out all procedures related to the summer school,
Preparation of Academic Calendar,
Carrying out graduation and diploma procedures,
To make all kinds of announcements about students,

Contact E-Mail Address of the Student Affairs Department:
Working hours: Weekdays, 08.30- 18.00