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Opaque Optical Essilor Technical Trip – Optician Program

Our opticians program students Lect. See. Aslı ARSLAN and Lecturer See. Together with İlkay ALTUNSOY, he participated in the technical trip to Opak Optik Essilor company called "I learn by seeing and practicing on site".

Due to the subject of Optical glass production processes and technologies within the scope of the vocational courses of our optician program, our students had the opportunity to learn about the optical glass production processes and technologies used, first by participating in the training seminar and then in the production stages. Our students, who received their participation certificates at the end of the program, also left their resumes to the company in order to benefit from internship and job opportunities.

We would like to thank Esma Türkoğlu, Product Manager of Opak Optik Essilor Company, and all her employees for their interest.