Oral and Dental Health Application and Research Center

To provide education and training services in the relevant fields in which the University operates, including the Faculty of Dentistry, to conduct scientific research, to ensure that the education and practice needs of students and the research requirements of academic staff are met at the highest level, to train dentists, to support the training of allied health personnel, to provide oral and To cooperate with faculties, institutes, colleges, application and research centers within the University and other institutions in the country or abroad in order to ensure the coordination of dental health services in a standard, effective and efficient manner in line with contemporary management principles, To ensure the provision of respectful, modern oral and dental health services.

Fields of Activity of the Center

¬ To organize programs to carry out research and applications in areas related to oral and dental health in order to achieve the aims of the Center, and to carry out the necessary studies to carry out research and applications.

¬ To ensure cooperation with clinical branches and other disciplines on research on public oral and dental health.

¬ To provide outpatient or inpatient observation, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with local and general surgeries by applying interventional surgical techniques within the scope of the treatment protocols of the oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery specialty discipline within the center, and to establish relevant units.

¬ To provide education-related services to students who continue their education and training in the field of oral and dental health, and to prepare the infrastructure for oral and dental health practice and research activities.

¬ To establish a community oral and dental health unit that can provide services in the field within the scope of preventive dentistry practices.

¬ To cooperate with public institutions and organizations and the private sector related to their fields of activity within the scope of the relevant legislation, to develop joint projects and to support ongoing projects.

¬ To establish and operate practice units or units within the Center in order to support research, training and practices in the field of oral and dental health services.

¬ To ensure that university students gain awareness about oral and dental health and take an active part in the Center's projects, to carry out encouraging educational activities for this purpose and to support those who want to work in this field.

¬ To establish and operate inpatient and outpatient treatment units operating under the center to provide comprehensive health services in the field of oral and dental health, to establish and operate central units and polyclinic units, to purchase these facilities, to take over and operate them through donations or other means.

¬ To publish books, magazines, brochures and similar publications and to organize programs in written and visual media in order to inform and educate the society about oral and dental health.

¬ To prepare projects, organize training programs and provide consultancy services to domestic and foreign public and private sector institutions and organizations in line with the objectives of the Center within the scope of the relevant legislation.

¬ To organize certificate and training programs by making agreements with national and international institutions in the field of dentistry and oral, dental and jaw health in cooperation with the Faculty of Dentistry, to provide post-graduate training to dentists, to organize panels, seminars, courses and similar activities, to organize scientific activities, offer opinions.