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Our Dental Hospital will also give confidence against infections

One of the issues that kept our agenda in the Covid-19 epidemic process was the risk of transmission of healthy people while accessing health services.

Prevention of microorganism transmission in the hospital environment requires a number of applications. These practices, which are defined as isolation measures, are addressed in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guideline for isolation in hospitals published in 1996, as standard measures and transmission-related measures. Standard measures include hand washing, wearing gloves, mask, protective apron, patient care tools, environmental control, and patient placement; Contagion measures include contact measures, droplet measures and respiratory measures.

Within the scope of these measures, our Istanbul Atlas University Dental Hospital constitutes all clinical and application units under full isolation criteria (negative pressure and air-exiting room). The system was designed only in infectious diseases services and intensive care units, designed according to the architectural features and isolation rooms criteria that should be present in patient rooms to prevent patients from infecting the infection from outside, and infecting other patients and healthcare personnel.