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Our hospital made the first international patient admission after pandemic

Turkey's first with one of the international health tourism documents Atlas University of Medicine Hospital International Patient Center, pandemic period, the first patients arriving with our country, health tourism Ethiopian nationals, MI (60) is brought from Iraq.

Medicine Hospital International Patient Center completed a very short time by completing the criteria and correspondence determined by the Ministry of Health and UHSAŞ and transferring the patient with a private airplane ambulance.

Since the brain suffered from vascular occlusion, the treatment of the patient whose half body was paralyzed was started in our country.

In the coming normalization process of Turkey in its fight against Covidien path taken due to health and developed infrastructure in terms of tourism said they expect to see a significant demand Medicine Hospital Chief Dr. Çağrı Serdar Elgörmış continued as follows: “It is a fact that Atlas University Medicine Hospital, which was the choice of approximately 2019 foreign patients in 18.000, is above the European average of the physician quality and logistics infrastructure. Not only our own citizens, the scope of medical tourism will continue to serve all the patients who want to receive health services in Turkey. "