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Photo Contest Concluded

Istanbul Atlas University, Department of Health, Culture and Sports and Prof. Dr. With the support of Fatma ÖZBAKIR, a “Photography Contest” was organized for the staff and students of our University.

The results of the competition, the application process of which ended on July 30; On 01 August, 3 photographs that were evaluated by our jury members and found suitable for an award and the photographs that were eligible for the exhibition were determined.

We would like to thank all our participants who participated in the competition for their valuable contributions.

You can find the photos that won the competition and will be exhibited below. 

1. İclal AYDIN ​​(Nutrition and dietetics)

2. Elifcan AYAZ (Psychology)

3. Naile YAVUZYILMAZ (Midwifery) 

Mervenur POLATDEMIR   (Nutrition and dietetics)  

Melike KORKMAZ (Nutrition and dietetics)

Berru Doga GURSOY (Physiotherapy)

Nur Evşan COŞKUN (Nutrition and dietetics)

Aysu YAĞCI (Nutrition and dietetics)

Competition Winner - İclal AYDIN (Nutrition and dietetics)

Second in the Competition - Elifcan AYAZ (Psychology)

Third Place in the Competition - Naile YAVUZYILMAZ (Midwifery)

Fourth Place in the Competition - Mervenur POLATDEMİR (Nutrition and dietetics)

Fifth Place in the Competition - Melike KORKMAZ (Nutrition and dietetics)

Sixth Place in the Competition - Berru Doğa GÜRSOY (Physiotherapy)

Seventh Place in the Competition - Nur Evşan COŞKUN (Nutrition and dietetics)

Eight Place in the Competition - Aysu YAĞCI (Nutrition and dietetics)