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Popular Sounds of Radios Met at Atlas University

Radiomen met at Atlas University

On the occasion of February 13, World Radio Day, the beloved voices of the radios met with Atlas University Board of Trustees Chairman Yusuf Elgörmüş and Rector Mustafa Küçük, and presented their views and suggestions on education.

Radio veterans and popular voices met with Atlas University Board of Trustees Chairman Yusuf Elgörmüş and Rector Mustafa Küçük on the occasion of 13 February World Radio Day. While the radio broadcasters were getting information about the university, they offered their opinions and suggestions about education and Atlas University.

In his speech, Atlas University Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Yusuf Elgörmüş expressed the aim of the university and his visionary point of view, and stated that they feel a great responsibility for each student. Expressing that the university's vision is not only to graduate but to raise students who will contribute to the country and the world, Yusuf Elgörmüş summarized the butterfly effect philosophy adopted by Atlas University as follows:

“Knowing that small movements in the initial data of a situation will have big consequences for reasons, and hoping that our choices the size of a butterfly's wing will have big consequences, as a university we have adopted the philosophy of the "Butterfly effect" and named it the "Atlas."

Rector Mustafa Küçük, who took the floor later, stated that radio broadcasters have a very important place in terms of their impact on communication and especially in terms of touching people's imagination.

TRT Main News Announcer Ersoy Dede, who started his career as a radio broadcaster, TRT Istanbul Radio Director Ali Fuat Gülmez, TRT Music coordinator Kenan Bölükbaş, Kral FM's Gönül Dostu Şener, Radio Traffic's Cenk Sarıkaya, Radio 7 Talha Bora Öge, Police Radio Didem The event, attended by Dede, Karadeniz FM Onur Sakar and Radio Alaturka's Meltem Mendi, ended with a campus tour. Radio broadcasters stated that they were particularly impressed by the library and laboratories.