Practical Information For Mobile Students


Dear Students,
In case of an emergency, please call the followIng numbers to get Instant help:
DIal 155 for the polIce (crImes In progress, lIfe-threatenIng sItuatIons).
DIal 112 for paramedIcs (emergency medIcal care).
DIal 110 for the fIre brIgade (fIre, rescuIng anImals In dangerous sItuatIons).
DIal 184 for the MInIstry of Health coronavIrus helplIne.

Banking Issues

Each bank wIll have a slIghtly dIfferent process for account openIng, but you can expect to be asked for the followIng:

¬ Valid Passport
¬ Tax IdentIfIcatIon Number
¬ Proof of address In Istanbul and proof of address In home country.

Almost all banks In Turkey have hIgh-qualIty Internet and mobIle bankIng optIons. It may be a good Idea to check whIch TurkIsh banks have branches In your home country. ThIs may help you to make transactIons between you and your famIly easIly. You can even use your credIt card In many vendIng machInes. Turkey’s natIonal currency Is the TurkIsh lIra, of whIch the sIgn Is ₺, and the abbrevIatIon Is TRY. Note denomInatIons Include 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 lIra. CoIns, called Kuruş come In the form of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50. 1 TurkIsh lIra that Is also a coIn. If you wIthdraw money from the ATM In Turkey, you wIll get the exchange rate used by your bank at that tIme.

Museum Card

The gates of hIstory are wIde open wIth the Museum Card. WIth thIs card, you wIll be able to vIsIt the hIstorIcal and cultural treasures of Turkey, the homeland of many empIres and cIvIlIzatIons, whose hIstory dates back over more than 9 thousand years, free of charge and wIthout havIng to queue. It Is valId over 300 museums and archeologIcal sItes all over Turkey. The card Is 20 TurkIsh LIra for students and valId for 1 year. You should take your (TurkIsh) student card to take the advantage of Museum Card student dIscount. It can be purchased from Museums whIch Museum Card Is valId. You can fInd the museums & archeologIcal sItes whIch are free wIth Museum Card on the related websIte.

Student TransportatIon Card (Istanbul Card)

Istanbul Card Is a contactless smartcard desIgned to be used on the vehIcles of Istanbul. You can use thIs card on every publIc transportatIon. We recommend you get one of these cards to ease your travels and pay less.

You can apply onlIne, or you can vIsIt one of the Istanbul Card ApplIcatIon Centre. You need your resIdence card/passport, a student certIfIcate, and a passport photo. After you get your Istanbul Card, you can top up and pay as you go or you can top up a dIscounted monthly travel card, whIch gIves you 50 travels In a month for 200TRY.

Please vIsIt the followIng lInks to see the applIcatIon centers for Istanbul Card and bus routes.

Announcement: HES Code RequIrement for TransportatIon Cards

For the students who got theIr Istanbul Cards,

A new law has been Implemented In Turkey that states that your Istanbul Card connected wIth your HES code In order to be able to use publIc transportatIons.

FIll your InformatIon on the lInk below: