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As many complex factors that affect each other are among the causes of obesity, obesity is a serious disease that can cause complications in most organs in the body. Obesity, which is naturally such a complicated disease, cannot be seen as a simple energy imbalance problem. It can also be slimmed with unscientific popular diets, but permanent and healthy results cannot be obtained. It should not be forgotten that;


As explained in this book, it is not possible to treat obesity, which is a very complex disease, by a single discipline. Obesity treatment can only be carried out with a systematic and long-term collaboration of a multidisciplinary team formed by the combination of health professionals such as physicians, dieticians, physiotherapists, psychologists / psychiatrists.

In this book, which we prepared with the hope that it will help the obesity treatment that requires teamwork, patience and dedication with the patient, we evaluated the causes and consequences of obesity in the light of the latest developments in medical science.

We hope this book will be useful to the Medical and Nutrition & Dietetics community. Yours ..

Prof. Dr. M. Emel Alphan