Frequently asked Questions

 Istanbul Atlas University was established in 2018 and has accepted its first students in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Istanbul Atlas University; It has the ideal of being an institution that respects individual differences, adheres to universal and national values, attaches importance to free thought, does not compromise on merit in line with measurable objective criteria, does not give up academic ethics and scientific depth, and attaches importance to research and development.

Graduate Programs

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation


medical School

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Vocational School


The faculty, vocational school and all other academic and administrative units of our university are located in the Vadi Campus / Kağıthane campus.

You must register within the dates determined by OSYM. Candidates who do not apply or complete their registration within this period will lose their registration rights.

Candidates who are eligible for registration but who cannot graduate from secondary education institutions and will take the resit exam or single course exam will also be registered at our university on the specified dates. If these candidates submit their graduation documents by the announced date, their original registration can be made. Provisional registrations of candidates who cannot document their graduation by this date will be deleted.

Candidates who are eligible for registration (except those who will register via e-government) must apply for registration in person. Registration is not possible without the candidate himself or by mail.

Our university is waiting for the approval of YÖK for admitting students with the 2021 YKS results.

It is possible for the graduates of our university's Vocational School and other universities' vocational school graduates to attend the undergraduate programs associated with their fields with the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS). Since our university will accept its first students in 2020-2021, it will admit its first students in 2022-2023 with the Vertical Transfer Exam.

Double Major (Double Major) conditions from here .

Detailed information about undergraduate transfer from here .

Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana exchange programs are offered at our university. Our university has established the necessary units, including the Erasmus + program, in its first year.

Information about foreign student application conditions, quota and fee from here .

A- Advance Payment *

The full tuition fee can be paid in advance in three different ways:

"Student Name Surname" and "TR Identity Number" by EFT or money order to the following bank accounts with which we have an agreement, by indicating the information in the explanation section.


By applying to the Financial Affairs Unit with any credit card  By credit card online at

B- Payment by Credit Card (15% Down Payment / 8 Installments)

After 15% of the tuition fee is paid as down payment using the method specified in the "A-CASH PAYMENT" option, the remaining amount can be paid by "credit card" in two different ways:        

By applying to the Financial Affairs Unit with credit cards suitable for installments **  with credit cards suitable for installment online at. ***

C- Payment by KMH (15% Down Payment / 8 Installments)

After 15% of the tuition fee is paid with the method specified in the "A-CASH PAYMENT" option as a down payment, the remaining amount can be paid in installments via the KMH system as follows:

By applying to one of the contracted banks of our University with the "Student Registration Form and Installment Agreement" to be obtained from the Financial Affairs Department for the remaining amount after the payment of the tuition fee





* 5% cash discount is applied to those who pay the entire tuition fee in cash.

** World, Maximum, Axess, Wings, Bonus, CardFinans, Advantage, Bankkart, Paraf

*** Tuition fee in full If you want to pay in installments by credit card, 8 installments will be applied to the entire fee by the system. 

Scholarships for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

YKS Quota Scholarship

These are non-refundable discounts that cover all or part of the tuition fee, given to students placed in the quotas with full scholarship (100%) or reduced (50% - 25%) specified in the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) guide. It does not include summer school.

Family Discount

This is an extra discount applied to students who are enrolled in Istanbul Atlas University programs with the 2020 YKS if they qualify for enrollment with their first degree relatives and siblings. This discount is applied at a rate of 5% over the amount payable for each person.

Preference Scholarship

It refers to the discounts to be provided for the candidates who enroll in the undergraduate and associate degree programs of our university by placing them in their first choice.

Unimpeded Life Discount

2020% of the amount to be paid for candidates who are placed in Istanbul Atlas University with the 40 YKS with disability status and have a disability rate of 70% - 15%; For candidates with a disability rate of 70% and above, a 20% discount is applied over the amount payable.

Discounts Applied to Martyr and Disabled Veterans Relatives

Provided that documents and reports issued by official institutions are submitted, special discounts are applied to spouses and children of martyrs who are placed in associate and undergraduate programs of our University with 2020 YKS.

Merit Scholarship

It includes scholarships and various opportunities for candidates who are among the top 100 in the SAY / SÖZ / EA / YD score types as a success ranking and have chosen our University.

Athlete Discount

It is the discount applied to the athletes in the national team. A 20% discount is applied to athletes in the national team of any sport. The license certificate must be up to date.

Academic Success Scholarship

At the end of each academic year, it is the scholarship that will continue for 8 months, being valid from the next academic year, depending on the academic success of the student enrolled in associate and undergraduate programs in that year. Academic merit scholarship does not include preparatory class and summer school. If the student who is in the top three in the faculty / vocational school ranking is also the first in the department / program, he / she will benefit from the higher scholarship.

Annual increases in tuition fees are determined and applied by the Board of Trustees of our University every year based on the inflation rate. These rates are guaranteed by the provisions of the relevant legislation of the Higher Education Council.

Our Career Center, which was established to support the career planning of our students, will provide mentoring support from the first day to setting your goals, following up and finally reaching your goals. It is also possible to access various internship and job postings from our center's pool.

medical School

Anatomy Model Laboratory

Anatomy Dissection Laboratory

Histology-Embryology-Pathology Laboratory

Multi Disciplinary Laboratory

Medical Skill Laboratory


Faculty of Health Sciences

Nutrition and Dietetics Laboratory

Speech and Language Therapy Laboratory

Midwifery-Nursing Skills Laboratory

Midwifery-Nursing Education Laboratory

Occupational Therapy Laboratory


Faculty of Dentistry

Phantom Laboratory

Preclinical Laboratory


Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Basic Chemistry Laboratory

Basic Physics Laboratory

Computer Design Laboratory

Library with Numbers

10.000+ physical materials 

27.000+ e-journals 

1307 ebook 

21 database subscriptions

1 reference management tool

2 bibliographic citation databases

2 plagiarism analysis programs 

1500 m² usage area 

18 group and individual study rooms

350 person seating capacity 

60 research computers


Library Facilities

Each student is a natural member of our library and benefits from all library facilities.

Our library is open 7/24.

It serves 350 users at the same time.

7/24 working areas are available.

Individual and group study rooms can be used by reservation.

Every academic information produced is recorded in the Atlas University corporate academic archive system.

Library resources can be scanned from catalog scanning kiosks

Databases can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, with the online remote access system.

Automatic borrowing-return transactions can be made from loan-return kiosks.

In our library, there is a library terrace where our students can drink their drinks and breathe.

Library security is provided by UHF-RFID systems.

Clubs are collective formations that bring Istanbul Atlas University students together under a specific theme. The purpose of the clubs established under the Health, Culture and Sports Department is to encourage and coordinate the participation of students in social, cultural and sports areas. In order to establish a new club, at the beginning of each semester, at least 10 students must apply to the Health, Culture and Sports Unit with the required forms.

Hamidiye Anadolu Caddesi no: 40, 3440834403 Kâğıthane / İstanbul

Information about public transportation to the campus and shuttle service to the campus from here .

444 34 39 by phone, From the e-mail address on our website online messaging through the department or @Atlasunv You can reach us from our social media accounts.