Atlas University Hospital

For more than 20 years, it has gained the trust of its patients with quality health services, and continues its services as a respected health institution, which has led many patients to be healed with successful diagnosis and treatment processes. Our hospital, with its modern building equipped with the latest technology, technical equipment and equipment, has a closed area of ​​75.000 m². It has managed to be one of the leading and leading institutions in our health system with its 400 bed capacity, 18 operating rooms, one of which is hybrid, and 400 thousand polyclinics and more than 30 thousand operations per year. In addition, our hospital with a conference room for 250 people and 10 classrooms; For years, it has undertaken an important mission by providing health education to its more than 10 thousand students with its high school and university level practice training and internship opportunities. With the establishment of our university, our hospital will continue to serve with the same excitement as Istanbul Atlas University Medical Faculty Hospital.

Atlas University Dental Hospital

Our program, which offers a comprehensive education with a specialized academic staff and a multidisciplinary approach, enables our students to gain the highest level of professional experience while studying, thanks to laboratories designed for applied courses and internship opportunities.

Our students will have the opportunity to enrich their education with an intense experience by making use of the practice and internship opportunities of our Istanbul Atlas University Faculty of Dentistry Hospital.

With our laboratories and units specially designed for Basic Sciences Practice Laboratory, Multidisplineer Medicine Laboratory, Anatomy, Physiology Laboratories and the Program, we offer the most modern infrastructure to our students at the point of education and application.

Department students will experience the privilege of clinics and application units equipped with modern devices in Istanbul Atlas University Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, all of which are designed according to the negative pressure system (transferring the air of the environment in infection hospitals and intensive care units and reducing the risk of infection).

Education processes at our university are implemented in a way that provides as much life experience as possible, and are result and output oriented. In this context, Istanbul Atlas University has developed a project-based model that attaches importance to thematic education and cooperation by providing a "student-centered" and at the same time "constructivist approach" method diversity (hybrid system). It carries out its activities within a mentoring system that puts the student at the center and supports the learning environments that the student needs with its entire teaching staff. In this sense, besides the knowledge and experience transferred to the student, a regulatory and supportive approach is provided. It adopts the intermediate-feedback approach as an educational process / journey that goes beyond measurement and evaluation.

With our modern campus in the center of Istanbul, where all faculties are together, we enable our students to experience university life with privilege. At X Labs, we support the transformation of projects to be developed with an individual or multidisciplinary approach to bring ideas to technology. We are creating a university culture with our Vadi Campus, which touches social life with its summer cinema, sports halls and Istanbul street.

X Labs, which is outside the basic education laboratories, is where academicians, students and all employees serving in this field can receive training, courses can be organized, and participation from abroad will be provided; will conduct studies involving health, engineering and social sciences.

Atlas University; It has taken its privileged place in the academic world with its education, application and advanced research laboratories covering a total area of ​​6100 m². Our university, which also has one of the largest multidisciplinary laboratories in Turkey, has put its laboratories, which it has established with modern devices and equipment, into the service of education and science. Our laboratories reflect an understanding befitting the importance of research and practice, with their superior infrastructure, each of which contains the most advanced units of its respective field.

Atlas Library has an open and closed area of ​​2500 m² and its own terrace garden; It brings reading, learning and research to a more pleasant and peaceful climate with the aesthetics and ergonomics given by its spatial design. Our library offers the fascination of an ancient library, the convenience of high technology in accessing books and resources, and the pleasure of working together. With its rich books, e-books, electronic resources and documents, 20 independent groups and individual study rooms, catalog scanning and automatic loan book kiosks, its own cafeteria that allows you to sip your tea and coffee while working, it is a wonderful experience that you can turn learning into a lifestyle. Our library, which uses mobile technologies extensively in access to information resources, will be open 7/24, while supporting research and education needs regardless of time and place.

As a requirement of the importance given to foreign language education, Atlas University provides all undergraduate students with free foreign language education in accordance with the internationally accepted proficiency criteria in the first three years, in addition to the current curriculum. During the first three years, our Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry students receive intensive English education, 6 hours a week, 4 hours a week in other faculty programs.

Students who meet the necessary criteria such as TOEFL, IBT (75 points and above) and IELTS (6 points and above) for the preparatory class exemption or students who are successful in the exemption exam to be held by our university can continue directly to their first year. An optional preparatory class is offered in all our programs upon the request of our students.

In addition, our students will learn English by living in the Atlas Language Zone in the new academic year. Our undergraduate and graduate students will specialize in writing articles in English with the 'Academic Writing Center'.

Atlas Valley campus; summer cinema, cafes street, Istanbul street, indoor and outdoor sports halls, private terraces and social facilities around will provide a unique campus experience.

There are YKS Quota Scholarship, Preference Scholarship, Academic Success Scholarship, Success Scholarship, Athlete Scholarship, Vocational High School Scholarship, Family Discount, Discounts Provided to Relatives of Martyrs and Disabled Veterans, and Disabled Life Discount.

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